Unity Log Stardate: -301628.51116184675

You worked hard, got your portfolio together, wrote a smashing resume and cover letter. Now it is time to prepare for the ultimate challenge. The “INTERVIEW”. Now that all your hard work and preparation has matured, you are starting to get noticed. Are you ready to…

Unity Log, Stardate: -301753.35251775756 (03/31/2021)

That moment you Learn , the internet and the I.O.T. really controls our lives!

I discovered today the joys of the IOT, when you learn that everything you do... is guided and directed by the Internet everyday. How did I learn this you ask? Today…

Tim ‘Bear’ Sauers

60 yo Game Developer, 3D Digital Artist, Tech Illustrator, Former Telecom Tech Support Specialist, FM Radio Dj & Newscaster/Reporter and Printing Press Operator

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