Linking In and Connecting to Build A Network of Skillsets

Unity Log, Stardate: -301661.2825659563 (May 4, 2021, Time: 15:09:53)

I‘ve never been overly excited about LinkedIn and other sites that work like and resemble Facebook. It has been a major challenge for my introverted self to put myself out there for all the world to see. Even harder to randomly pick total strangers, reach out with a message and request a connection with them.

According to the wise and knowledgeable folks at GameDevHq, Linkedin is the primary source for getting recognized by the gaming community. So I have been doing my best to follow their suggestions…

As of this article, I am up to 82 Followers and 192 Professionals, User Groups, and Companies I am following. I’ve been striving to diversify my mix of regular developers, team leaders, and executives, from all over the world. All the while focusing my choices on what, where and how I want my unity training to direct me.

Why did I decide to pursue learning how to develop on the Unity gaming platform?. I felt that by learning how to build with unity I could pursue a lifelong ambition with animation, cinematography and my love of sci-fi and Star Trek. This seemed like the logical step in an effort to keep myself relevant in the 21st century. Cinematography, and AR and VR are a large part of where I would like to end up.

So, a large portion of who I choose to follow are focused on creation and production of cinema, graphic work, 3d animation and studios work to bring augmented reality to the forefront. as well as corporations and teams that make the software and hardware to achieve the end results.
I’m still a work in progress with Linkedin, but I feel like I am developing a well rounded mixture of Connects that can only enhance my exposure in the world of game development.

Unity Log, Supplemental: -301660.7851344495 (May 4, 2021, Time: 19:31:20)

This is where I complete my thoughts on my pursuit of Linkedin, In my next article, I will cover revamping a resume and interview tips and tricks that can help get you hired.
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